Are We "Content Strategists" or Editors?

Folio is reporting a line that Jack Griffin, president of Meredith publishing, delivered during a speech at Folio's publishing summit in Miami yesterday, "We don't hire editors anymore, we hire content strategists." With traditional publishing companies moving to a mix of online and print, it's an interesting comment. The article link is below:
I have to think there is more to the Griffin comment than meets the eye in this story. Is Folio: providing the complete Griffin picture with this story? Griffin could not be this short-sighted.

Ren has it right. We need content strategists who are also good editors. But these days they also need to have background in service journalism, design, writing for web and email newsletters, content management, information architecture, navigation, usability, and shared vocabularies.

But MOSTLY they need to know EXACTLY WHAT THEIR READERS WANT, the best ways to deliver it and how to do it.

I hope content strategists do not replace good journalists, or who will care what is published. I'd rather replace the CEO who does not provide the resources for quality staff and useful content.
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